Saul Sepia is Juan Blanco’s manager.  The stage curtain opens.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Why do you want to leave the group?

[JUAN BLANCO]:  I have been here for five years now.  It’s not the same as when I first started.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Of course things change…that’s life.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Yes, but the technology is so different now.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  What do you mean?

[JUAN BLANCO]:  We’ve made too many compromises along the way.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Perhaps a few…maybe a baker’s dozen or so.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  No, it’s much more than that.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Whatever it is…this is R&D.  Adjustments to the roadmap are inevitable.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Yes, some adjustments are necessary, but too many made us lose our way.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  I understand that you are disappointed, but you have to look at the big picture.  You still have a job.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Don’t you remember why we came here in the first place, Saul?

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Of course, I do.  We wanted to build a car that ran on air alone.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  We were so close to reaching that goal.  We had the money, knowledge, and drive to finish the project.  What happened?

[SAUL SEPIA]:  I think it started with the reorganization we had last summer when the health care group merged with our group.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Yes, but that didn’t make any sense to me.  We test cars, not colostomy bags.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  That’s why I am the boss, Juan.  You never see the big picture, like me.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  What are you talking about?

[SAUL SEPIA]: Upper management thought that there were many existing technologies that could be leveraged from the health care group to ours.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Like what?

[SAUL SEPIA]:  The oxygen tanks could be used as fuel cells.  The rubber from the surgical gloves and syringes could be used for the car tires.  The eye wash could be used as windshield wiper fluid.  We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  We saved money and time.  Damn it, Juan…don’t you see that?

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Yeah, everything looked good on paper, but did management bother to ask us for our input?  Hell, no.  Once the merged happened, the health care group consumed us.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  Well, that makes sense because the health care group is profitable.  We are not, so we had no clout to make any decisions about our future.  Still I think it worked out.  With a few minor changes, our project is still on track.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  Saul, are you delirious?  We are not making a car that runs on air anymore.  We are making recyclable colostomy bags instead.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  I understand that the colostomy technology is not as sexy as a car that runs on air, but you have to look at the revenue potential, Juan.  Our campaign is to make colostomy bags accessible to every living adult and child in the world one bag at a time.

[JUAN BLANCO]:  I don’t want to burst your bubble—or your colostomy bag for that matter, Saul, but the competition already has a leg up on us.

[SAUL SEPIA]:  You must be talking about the iColostomy Bag.

The stage lights dim and the stage curtain closes.  The audience goes wild.

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