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[BILL]:  Why can’t I ever get promoted in this place?  I do everything they want me to do.  I sacrifice; I work long hours; I always deliver, but I never receive.  It’s not fair!  What am I doing wrong?

[TEST LEAD]:  It’s our company policy that you’re promoted based upon how well you compare with other testers on the team and not so much individually.

[BILL]:  What does that mean?

[TEST LEAD]:  Testers are like movie actors.  Testers want a promotion and actors want an Oscar.  Both prizes are determined by a group of people who meet in secret to decide the winner.

[BILL]:  Is there a formula?

[TEST LEAD]:  Well, let’s just say that you will never hear the words, “Tonight’s award goes to Bill because he spent more overtime than the other testers.”

[BILL]:  That’s true, but I was taught that working hard to produce the best results is what I need to succeed.

[TEST LEAD]:  It’s not like that.  You can work 24/7 among the best directors, producers, special effects…hell; you can even have Shakespeare write your screenplay, but none of these things will guarantee you the prize.

[BILL]:  So you’re saying that there really isn’t anything that I can do.

[TEST LEAD]:  Not entirely true.  You need to set yourself apart from the others, something that they will remember you by.  You need to take some kind of risk.

[BILL]:  What do you suggest?

[TEST LEAD]:  Taboo love scenes.  That’s what getting awards in Hollywood these days and that’s what’s going to get you that promotion next year.

A year passes by and Bill submits his personal performance review along with a video of him and a donkey he picked up in Tijuana.  The managers are impressed and Bill is finally promoted.

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