The test team meets in a conference room for their weekly staff meeting.

[TEST LEAD]:  We can’t find any viable candidates for the tester position we have open.

[TEST MANAGER]:  I can’t believe that with the high unemployment as it is these days.

[TEST LEAD]:  It’s true.  We haven’t received a single application.

[TEST MANAGER]:  Not one?

[TEST LEAD]:  Not one.

[TEST MANAGER]:  Is there something wrong with how we are wording the job description?

[TESTER]:  I don’t think so.  It’s just that most people don’t want to work in validation.

[TEST MANAGER]:  I tell you what.  I’m always interested in finding creative solutions to tough problems.  I will give a ten thousand dollar bonus to any person in this room who can hire someone for this job.

John, who is also in the meeting, thinks to himself.  I could really use that money.  Suddenly, he gets an imaginative idea.

[JOHN]:  Can I take the rest of the day off?  I have some personal things that I need to attend to.

[TEST MANAGER]:  Sure.  No problem.  Just update your work calendar.

The scene changes to a penitentiary.  It’s almost midnight.  A prisoner, priest, guard, warden, and John are walking together on the green path that leads to the room containing ‘Old Sparky’, the electric chair.

“Dead man walking”, yells one of the prisoners peering from his cell.

[JOHN]:  Is that what they say to a man who is about to be executed?

[WARDEN]:  No.  That’s what they say when they see a tester, such as yourself, walk by.

Another inmate taunts, “Here chicken, chicken, chicken…brawkk-AWK”

[JOHN]:  I’m not going to ask what that means.

[GUARD]:  Yeah, it’s best you don’t.

[JOHN]:  Listen Warden.  It’s not that bad.  I love my job as a tester.

[WARDEN]:  So you want me to call the governor and tell him that you are willing to give this condemn man a job in lieu of the death penalty.  Do you realize all of the evils this man has committed in his life?

[JOHN]:  Please, call the governor.  Let him decide this man’s fate.

The warden calls the governor on the red phone near the electric chair.  He hands the receiver to John.  John gives his proposal to the governor.  The governor thinks for a bit then agrees.

[GOVERNOR]:  Ok.  I’m a man who believes in second chances.  Let me talk to the prisoner first since he needs to decide for himself whether he wants to stay on the road to perdition or start a lucrative career in testing.

John hands the phone to the prisoner who then talks to the governor for a few minutes.  Tears of joy are flowing from the prisoner’s eyes as he looks at John.  The prisoner then gives the phone to the warden.  The warden nods his head in agreement.

[WARDEN]:  I fully understand, Governor, and will carry out your orders as prescribed.

The warden hangs up the phone.  He tells the guard that the execution will proceed as normal.  A hood is placed over the prisoner’s head and the priest begins to administer last rites.  An astonished John asks the prisoner why he refused the job offer.  The prisoner’s muffled voice is heard from under the hood.

[PRISONER]:  I know that I am an evil man who is destined to live in hell for all of eternity, but hell has no fury like a job in testing.

Empathetically, John nods his head.  The prisoner asks John to hold his hand for comfort. John does. The executioner pulls the switch and all of the lights in the penitentiary begin to flicker.  A yellow canary bird is heard singing from a nearby barred window.  Even in the dark, it knows that the sun will soon rise again to a better world.  Later the test manager is heard saying, “Damn, now I have to hire two people.”

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